“180” – a shocking, award winning documentary!

How does one start an article about a phenomenon such as 180? Let’s safely start with stats.

 The 33 minute documentary, 180, has received a lot of press on the Internet, in interviews on radio stations, and through hundreds of thousands of DVDs of the doco being given out to uni and school students. As of the middle of 2o12 it has been viewed over 3.25 million times on Youtube, and has attracted 50 thousand comments there too. Whether or not you have heard much about 180, my goal is to tell you that much more, so that you desire to share this “life changing” documentary.
A caricature of a colourful person, Steve, in “180”.

180 is a pro-life documentary that shows a multitude of interviews that the producer, Ray Comfort, has with people regarding the Holocaust, abortion, morals, and the Gospel.
Ray states in the video that he sees a generation of people in America who don’t know who Adolf Hitler was or what he did*, and proceeds to show 14 people who prove just that point. Mr. Comfort says, “It has been rightly said that those who forget history are destined to repeat it.”
Sickening footage of the Holocaust in 180 shows the Nazis’ dehumanisation of people, with dead bodies just dumped in ditches and in piles.
Ray tests how much people value human life by asking a hypothetical question, and most say they’d not have been involved in the slaughter of the Holocaust, even if they were under threat of death if they refused.
He then asks them what they think about abortion.
Then you hear the common pro-choice arguments and statements:
“It’s a woman’s right to choose…” “Every situation is a different situation…” or even, “I’m all for abortion.”

Ray Comfort then uses simple and convincing arguments to show abortion should be seen as offensive and evil as the homicide of Jews, disabled people, and homosexuals in the name of “ethnic cleansing”.  That is my view of abortion, too. It is morally wrong. Period.

This movie certainly throws no punches, and Ray leaves the most controversial part until last, when he guides the conversations towards heaven and hell. He explains what God says, and as a just judge will do, about sinful lifestyles and what He did to save people from that judgement.

This is why so many people hate Ray Comfort. He refuses to stop the movie with just the Holocaust/abortion argument. He targets viewers’ hearts with the Gospel. God isn’t fine with their or our selfish sins. He will bring all deeds to account, unless we accept that the price for our sin was paid for by Jesus’ death on the cross, and we repent of our sins and submit to Jesus.
When it comes down to Jesus, there are only two ways to deal with him: accept Him for who He is, God in human form, or reject Him as a liar, deceiver, and dead man. Jesus said himself, “Why do you call me good? There is no one good except God alone.” (Mark 10:18) So either He is God or bad!

180 is just that, a complete change of perspective and heart. People shown in the documentary really do a “180” on such topics and make a decision that could alter the whole course of their lives.
That’s why this movie is free to view on www.180movie.com and  Youtube. It’s why at least 200,000 copies have been given out freely to students by volunteers and the guys behind 180, Living Waters, and why the DVD costs one dollar per copy if 10 or more are bought online. It’s why I wrote this article.


If you haven’t watched 180, do it. If you have, watch it again with someone else. Share it online. It is too big an issue to sit on your hands. Get pro-active. Say no to abortion. Say yes to Jesus. You’ll have eternity to be thankful.

I have two warnings:
1. This isn’t an easy doco to watch. There are graphic images of Nazi Germany, and of an aborted baby. Use discretion when you watch.
2. Accept that it could very well change your whole perspective about abortion – about God, even. Still watch it though! Be brave.

Until next time, ciao (bye) for now! Pedozski

*Adolf Hitler was the leader of a fascist German political party called the Nazis, and sanctioned the homicide of many people, including 6 million Jews, calling them less than human.

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