Evolution Vs. God – A faith-shaking documentary!

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably watched more than enough debates between secularists and Christian theists that have either confused you or had little closure of ideas.

I find, worse still, in these debates secularists are always using reason to argue against the God who gave them reason, and without Whose existence there would be no point of these discussions.

Ever have the feeling that no one in the audience appears to be be emotionally or intellectually moved in either direction, for all the great effort invested to get these type of debates aired?

After watching Evolution Vs. God, however, I found that I’d come across a worthwhile discussion. Evolution VS. God shows one Christian chatting individually with about twenty people professing atheism regarding Darwinian evolution and God.

 Well, wherever you stand on this issue, I hope you’ll give this documentary a bit more than a glance, in fact, I dare you to!

Watch the trailer for a bit of an idea of what this free movie is like. This trailer currently has over 325,000 views on Youtube.

 In Evolution Vs. God, Ray Comfort poses questions to four professors in biology and anthropology and to many students in multiple fields. A well-known Christian and evangelist, Ray asks probing questions to expose the unscientific nature of Darwinian evolution.

Speaking with P.Z Myers, Ph.D, Craig Stanford, Ph.D, and others, Comfort asks for evidence for Darwinian evolution, as in changes of kinds, using the “scientific method”, and no satisfactory evidence is given. (In tradesmen terms, a hypotheses needs to be able to be tested, observed, and repeated in order for it to be scientific.)


This is a massive eye-opener, as Darwin deemed changes in kinds, as in dog-kind, feline-kind, and mankind, necessary for macro evolution to be reasonable.

In a film where famous atheist Richard Dawkins is quoted to having said “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence,” the students interviewed show how much of their belief in evolution is based on trust or faith in science books, teachers, findings, and ways of viewing evidence.

The students don’t use the scientific method to weigh the evidence, but rather show reliance on the scientists. This indicates that the nature of belief in evolution is more about faith than hard evidence. Such revealing footage must be seen!

Ray Comfort cares for the people he talks to as well.

He is not out to bring down atheists from their proud pedestal, just to stamp them into the ground, but rather to lead to an understanding of the true Creator of this world, who is moral and just.

“Would you consider yourself a good person?” Ray asks every one of them, and leads them though the law of God, as in “You shall not…lie, steal, take the LORD’s name in vain”, and so on, convicting them of their sinfulness before God.

By Jesus’ perfect and sinless sacrifice on the cross, however, even evil doers might be saved from destruction. This offer goes out to the atheists, agnostics, and hypocrites alike: turn from your sins to Christ, and trust in his death and resurrection, and you will be saved.

Ray Comfort, with the complete support of Living Waters, has produced a top-notch documentary that has a clear message and is not confusing like most “Christian verses Secularist” debates. I highly recommend it to all.

Watch it free now! In the four days it has been posted, it has over 105,000 views.

Thanks so much for reading and watching! To God be the glory. Pedrozki (Pete)

Thoughts or questions? Have your say in the comments section!

For more information on Evolution Vs. God, check out their website, http://www.evolutionvsgod.com/.

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