Visiting the refugee camps in Iraq…

This article by Open Doors is an eye-opener to the situation for refugees. Safety from the terrorists does not mean security when people are still dealing with trauma, hopelessness, and losing everything.

The Open Doors Blog

Full camps, overburdened aid workers, but also, tentative celebrations, Christians who are opening up their houses and churches to refugees and people who are hesitating about returning to their homes. Just over two months since the first influx of refugees, Open Doors worker Sara* visited the Kurdish Iraqi town of Erbil.

It is difficult to get a complete picture of the situation in northern Iraq. Since the fighters of the extremist Islamic State (IS) advanced with much violence on Mosul, the relatively safe Kurdish region has been flooded with refugees. Sara visited some of the refugee camps where local Churches are providing aid with the support of Open Doors.

“My previous visit to Erbil was in April, before the unrest. At first sight, little seems to have changed in Erbil: the airport is still peaceful, my hotel is still there. But when you look better, you see the changes. Restaurants…

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